Getting Started with PI Integrations

If you are looking for maximum flexibility of assessment delivery and the retrieval of assessment data within another system, integrating with the REST API is likely the right approach. Integrating using an Open Invitation can support both initiating assessments and signaling completion, but any action taken on that signal will likely require use of the REST API. Please read our Integration Overview for more details on selecting the best option.

After selecting your preferred option, you can follow the below steps to get you started on your way to integrating with the PI software:


  1. Read our knowledgebase article: API Integration Overview
  2. Your PI account settings must include API Access that is currently active. Contact your PI Consultant if you are not sure about this.
  3. To create an API Key for authenticating your method calls follow these steps: Generating an API Key.
  4. If desired, you may request a test account (known as a Sandbox) which can be used to develop the integration by contacting The Predictive Index Integrations Team at and asking for a "Sandbox Account"
  5. Whoever will be doing the development work should Review the API Guide to understand the REST API strategy, study the Integration Best Practices, and Use the API Reference to gain a more in-depth understanding of the requests and response payload structure, including testing specific method calls
  6. Build your integration!

If using Open Invitation:

  1. Any subscription level provides access to create an Open Invitation.
  2. Review the Open Invitation Section of the Assessment Center Guide
  3. Setup your Open Invitation page as desired within the PI software, optionally including an assessment status webhook URL in Administration > General Settings
  4. Once an Open Invitation link is created you can:

Deliver the link to assessment takers in any way you desire. For example, after a candidate applies in your ATS...

Show the link on a Thank You page


Have the ATS email the link to the candidate